Custom Group Outings

Team-Building and Leadership Development Programs

Our mission is to help individuals and groups find the best version of themselves through facilitated experiential adventures. The definition of empowerment is the process of becoming stronger and more confident especially in controlling one’s life. For over a decade, Empower Leadership has worked with professional sports teams, Fortune 500 companies, school districts, cities and towns, military units, and non-profit organizations to provide empowerment experiences and help them realize their full potential!

Corporate Team Building

We empower individuals and teams through shared adventure experiences that are engaging, positive, customized, and led by experienced leaders. Corporate team-building with Empower Leadership focuses on creating a foundation of trust through productive communication, collaboration, and shared experiences.

Empower Team Building Core Values

Outdoor and indoor experiences are available all year from Empower Adventure Park at Nomads! Whether you’re looking for a fun company outing, an engaging team-building meeting, or a outcomes-driven experiential training, Empower Leadership has you covered!

Youth Leadership Development

Empowering youths through adventure experiences that are positive, engaging, customized, and led by experienced leaders! Our powerful adventure experiences will provide youths the tools that lead to increased self-confidence and self-esteem, improved leadership and problem-solving skills, the ability to take on responsible risks, and the grit and perseverance to overcome challenges and achieve goals!

Empower Leadership Development Core Values

Outdoor and indoor experiences, affordable group discounts, and customized programming available all year!

Sports Leadership and Team Building

Our programs empower athletes and teams through customized adventure experiences led by experienced leadership facilitators. Empower’s Sports Leadership Training programs include a unique blend of collaborative team building initiatives, competitive physical challenges, and team goal achievement exercises. We help athletes and teams eliminate excuses, overcome adversity, and set a course of action towards achieving extraordinary results!

Customized outdoor and indoor experiences are available all year from Empower Adventure Park at Nomads in South Windsor!


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